Lab News

January 8, 2024

Welcome Hortense Bouvier! Hortense is part of the Magistère de Génétique, and will work with Priscillia to help us understand how enhancers are regulated during differentiation. 

November 17, 2023

Our next original research article posted to BioRxiv! Here we show how the de novo DNA methylation program influences CTCF binding and the 3D cis-regulatory landscape. This work was led by Ana and Julien with a lot of help from Margherita! BioRxiv Twitter thread

September 15, 2023

First lab original research article posted to BioRxiv! Here we show how DNA methylation shapes H3K27me3 patterning during ESC differentiation, and in some cases this can lead to gene activation, which we demonstrated with epigenome editing. This work was led by Julien, Teresa and Ana BioRxiv Twitter thread

June 13, 2023

New review from the lab by Julien and Max on non-canonical imprinting, published in Development! Link

March 31, 2023

It's very sad day, as our beloved Ana is leaving the lab to start a new phase of her career in industry, focused on human reproduction, in Valenca, Spain. She was the first post-doc in the lab, and the driving force of many of the projects that helped get our research program off the ground. She also was instrumental in training many of the students and engineers that came through. We will miss her dearly, but are very excited for her new horizons! 

February 15, 2023

Welcome Margherita Scarpa, our new engineer and lab manager! Margherita is Italian, but spent most of her career in Spain. Her research will focus on implementing epigenome editing (in addition to making sure the lab doesn't catch on fire). 

January 3, 2023

Welcome Pol Arnau Romero to the group! Orginally from Barcelona, he is part of the EUR G.E.N.E. international masters program affiliated with Université Paris Cité. He will work with Priscillia to help characterize the role of DNA methylation at enhancers. As a bonus, he is fluent in all the native languages spoken in the lab: French, English, Italian, and Spanish (plus Catalan)!

December 2, 2022

We are recruiting a research engineer! More info here: Join Us! 

November 16, 2022

Congratulations to Priscillia! The first ever recipient of the Prix Georges Brahms from the Fondation CNRS! Here she is with the head of CNRS, Antoine Petit, after the ceremony. We are incredibly proud!!! 

October 10, 2022

We have hired! Welcome Amina Sultanova to the team! Amina will be providing lab support, and her research will be focused on implementing and improving our epigenome editing tools. 

July 18, 2022

We are recruiting a research engineer! More info here: Join Us! 

July 7, 2022

We are incredibly excited to announce that Angelique David has been selected for a doctoral fellowship from the BioSPC! Angelique did stellar work during her masters, and we can't wait to see how she continues to develop her project!

June 20, 2022

We have our first summer intern! Cara McQuillen is a student at the University of Chicago (USA), and will spend the summer helping Teresa implement her epigenome editing system. 

June 8, 2022

Incredible news for Priscillia! She has been officially selected for a permanent researcher position (Chargé de Recherche, Classe Normale) by the CNRS. This is very competitive, and gives Priscillia long term job security. It also means she can stay with the Greenberg Lab as long as she wants, which makes us very happy!!! 

May 23, 2022

Congratulations to Julien, second author on a paper published in PLoS Genetics in a collaboration led by our good friends down the hall in Vanessa Ribes' lab! Read more here: Link

January 10, 2022

Welcome to Angélique David, a Masters (M2) student from the Magistère de Génétique program! Angélique will try to gain insights into the intriguing relationship between DNA methylation and histone marks at gene promoters. 

December 1, 2021

Welcome to our newest post-doc, Priscillia Lhoumaud! Priscillia brings a lot of experience in epigenetics from fly and mammalian models, most recently in the lab of Jane Skok at New York University (USA). She will generate technology to interrogate enhancer regulation as part of the ANR REMEDY project. 

November 24, 2021

Bittersweet day in the Greenberg Lab. Thomas Damagnez was the first recruit in the Greenberg lab, and has been here since the beginning. He will be leaving for a new position at Novogene Europe. We are very happy for him, but the lab won't be the same. He will be missed!!

October 27, 2021

Welcome to Roshani Singh—a Masters 2 student from the CRI program! She will edit the epigenome at some of our interesting (we hope) targets. 

October 18, 2021

Congratulations to Julien,  who received a three year post-doctoral fellowship from the FRM!  Which is good news, because he will need a lot of time to analyze all the data pouring in! 

October 1, 2021

We have our first PhD student! Teresa Urli will continue her work from her M2, focused on mechanisms of epigenetic reprogramming.

July 12, 2021

We are excited to announce that the ANR has funded a formal collaboration between the Greenberg lab, our good friends at Pierre Defossez' lab across the street at the Epigenetics & Cell Fate Unit (U of Paris), and Salvatore Spicuglia's group at the TAGC in Marseille. We are looking forward to get rolling! Watch this space! 

April 5, 2021

Julien and Max just published a News & Views on two papers published in Nature Genetics about Polycomb/PRC1 in mouse development. Check it out! Link

January 7, 2021

First lab publication!!! Check out our mini-review on mammalian DNA methylation reprogramming published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology! Link

January 4, 2021

We welcome two new Masters students to the Greenberg lab! Teresa Urli (top) is from the Magistère de Génétique program,  and will look at dynamic binding of factors during DNA methylation programming. Anna Le Breton (bottom) is from the Sorbonne University, and will develop our epigenome editing tools. We are very excited to have them with us!

December 15, 2020

More great news for Ana Monteagudo! She received (another) three year post-doctoral fellowship, this time from the ARC! 

¡Felicidades de nuevo!

October 1, 2020

Great news for Ana Monteagudo! She received a three year post-doctoral fellowship from the FRM! 


September 7, 2020

We are happy to welcome our second post-doc, Julien Richard Albert! Julien did his PhD in the lab of Matt Lorincz at the University of British Columbia (Canada), where he honed his skills as a bioinformatician, specializing in DNA methylation analyses. We are looking forward to seeing what gems Julien can find in all our NGS data! 

June 1, 2020

¡Bienvenida! Our first post-doc has arrived! Ana Monteagudo is a genomic imprinting expert, having done her PhD in the lab of David Monk at the University of Barcelona (Spain). We are excited for Ana to develop epigenome editing tools and figure out what exactly DNA methylation is doing at unique genetic elements.